As anticipation builds up over David Lynch's 'Lady Dior' commercial, fans of French actress Marion Cotillard, who again stars in the ads, can already peek behind the scenes of the print campaign for the range.

The making-of shows star photographer Annie Leibovitz directing Cotillard, who is wearing Dior's latest collections, as creative director John Galliano and other onlookers are watching the scene.

The latest chapter of the Alfred Hitchcock-inspired 'Lady Dior' commercial was recently shot by Lynch in Shanghai.

Dior is not only venturing into the realm of movies, however, but also into that of music with a clip to Franz Ferdinand song Lady Rouge premiering online January 14.

Meanwhile, the owner of Brooklyn-based restaurant Moto confirmed to Dossier that, as rumored, it is indeed directing legend Martin Scorsese who has been filming the new commercial for Chanel's No. 5 fragrance, starring French actress Audrey Tautou.

Both campaigns are part of the movie trend in fashion and beauty, with many labels no longer settling for commercial ads and telling stories instead, often in several episodes.