Finally a hijab you can wear to the gym

Specially designed hijab for women working out hopes to make going to the gym a whole lot easier

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The world’s first ‘work-out’ hijab to wear to the gym is now in the pipeline.

New company Veil Hijab have begun developing the garments after spotting a gap in the gym wear market for women who want to work out without being weighed down by headscarves. 

Some women can be deterred from exercising in traditional headscarves which can become physically uncomfortable as the heavy, dark material becomes soaked with sweat.

However, the company hope to change that with technology especially designed for Muslim women working out.

In a statement on their website, the company explains why it decided to begin making the garments: “Firemen are equipped with high-tech gear that fights off heart and allows for breathe-ability in the worst conditions. Astronauts wear suits that protect them in the extreme conditions of outer space. Technology in clothing is changing the apparel industry forever, and we believe that women who wear the headscarf need it too.”

The hijabs aim to be gym proof by employ cooling technology and using waterproof fabrics.

They will also seal the edges of the fabric with laser cutting to reduce fabric, folds and potentially chaffing.

An oil repellent layer will deter sweat stains.

The project was sparked when it first appeared on Kickstarter and drew more than $10,000 pledges from over 300 people.

The company have spent the last two years researching fabrics and manufacturers and now expect to have the first work-out hijabs on the market by August.