The business parlor game Monopoly is now available as beauty-themed edition, with players competing for the ownership of the Sephora empire.

Whoever trades products, hires specialists and stocks boutiques most successfully, wins the game, which aims at teaching players "the basics of the beauty business."

But there are also some less serious features that will make beauty fans' hearts beat faster: instead of the traditional Monopoly set-up, players will 'advance to go' for a shopping spree, pay for your products with 'Beauty Bucks' or even 'go to jail' for having a bad hair day.

Monopoly's Sephora edition is based on the company's current product ranges and is available online and in-store for $23.25.

There are hundreds of special editions of Monopoly (possibly thousands if unauthorized ones are counted), with the most popular ones including 'The Simpsons,' 'Las Vegas,' and 'Elvis.'