High street giant Zara launches new tagging technology to restock sizes and styles faster

Expect speedy stock in stores with the Spanish retailers new electronic tagging system

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It’s an all too common occurrence when shopping that you find something you like only to discover your size is missing and it’s sold out everywhere else.

Spanish high street store Zara has made the first step to resolving this with a new technology that allows it to restock sizes and styles faster.

Unveiled at the Annual General Meeting of Inditex (Zara's parent company) earlier this week, the Radio Frequency Identification Technology allows the brand to track every garment, from factory to final sale.

What this means for the store is a much more reactive logistical process whereby sold out styles or popular sizes will be replenished with speed.

So if you find yourself hankering after Zara’s sleeveless tailored white waistcoat but can’t seem to get your hands on it, the new RFID technology will make sure it soon reappears.

Likewise if the Duchess of Cambridge sports another Zara number prompting instant sell out, it will become far easier for Kate Middleton fans wanting to emulate her style when the item soon restocks.

It’s also good news if you’re trying to track down a size because the new technology means it's easy to locate the whereabouts of other items.

The RFID technology is already in widespread use across other industries from animal identification tags to passports and transport.

If all that has you feeling the urge to take a trip to your nearest Zara, here is our pick of the best new season styles available in store now.