First, they wanted Farrah Fawcett's blow-dry. Then Jennifer Aniston's Friends character set the trend for the 'Rachel Shag,' a haircut with its own Wikipedia entry. And now, women all over the US seem to be ready for a new style of equally iconic proportions, reports the New York Times.

As the paper points out, a Google search for 'Blake Lively hair' produces more than 700,000 results (however no Wikipedia listing - yet) and hair salon owners across New York are trying to accomodate clients' requests to look exactly like the young actor's character, high-society girl Serena van der Woodsen from the popular TV drama Gossip Girl.

As one stylist told the NYT, they "don't just want the hair, they want the life."

However, another said that Lively's low-layered, extra-long locks don't work for everyone, but only for tall, slim girls.

According to the NY Times, the über-popular hairstyle - if done at exclusive salons - costs around $1,200 per month, just for the cut and maintenance (excluding extensions).

For a much cheaper alternative, watch one of the many how-to tutorials on YouTube. Or, use Blake's own (free) way as explained by her to Access Hollywood in a reaction to the article: "The way I do my hair in the morning, when I go to the set of Gossip Girl, I just put my hair in a bun, dry it and just twist it up in a ballerina bun, do my makeup, take it out and then it's wavy."