Following the Glow successor My Glow, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is preparing another fragrance launch, Blue Glow by JLO, for February.

As described by Coty Prestige, the beauty giant behind perfumes including Vera Wang's, Calvin Klein's and the new Balenciaga fragrance, Lopez's new fragrance will be "fruity" and "floral."

Mangosteen, Valencia orange and redcurrant blossom will constitute the top notes of the fragrance, with a heart of wild water lily, vintage rose, and vanilla orchid and a dry-down of cedarwood, mahogany wood, florymoss and Venezuelan Tonka bean.

Florymoss is a molecule developed by fragrance manufacturer Givaudan, which - with its mossy scent - enhances floral perfumes.

Blue Glow will be packaged in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml flacons, embellished with the star's trademark bracelets. A corresponding body lotion will also be released.

Assumptions that the new mother of twins is focusing on building her merchandise empire instead of performing are premature, however: Lopez just released her new single 'Louboutins,' which she performed at the American Music Awards. Her album Love? is scheduled for release in January.

Coty's fragrances for the R'n'B singer will get serious competition next year when fragrance companies Parlux and Iconic, co-owned by rapper Jay-Z, introduce their scents for stars including Kanye West and Rihanna.