Tom Ford: the designer will launch cosmetics for men / AFP/Getty Images


Manscara and guyliner are usually the reserve of teens enjoying their experimental emo phase, not the seriously wealthy suited and booted customers of Tom Ford. But that’s all set to change when the designer launches cosmetics for men alongside the modern metrosexual grooming staples of cleanser, moisturiser and eye “treatment”.

Ever since metrosexual man took moisturiser mainstream in the mid-Nineties, the threat of high-quality slap for chaps has been looming on the horizon. Thankfully, though, there’s nothing too alternative here – many men may benefit from habitual swiping of concealer, mud mask or bronzing gel, but few would admit it without the threat of thumbscrews.

But come September: the attention to detail, luxurious formulations and seriously beautiful packaging that Ford has made his signature since launching his cosmetics line in conjunction with Estée Lauder in 2005, are sure to earn these products pride of place on bathroom shelves.