OppoSuits: 7 terrible but brilliant suits for your consideration

Stay firmly off trend with this selection of garish two-piece suits

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OppoSuits scored some good press this week thanks to a new Christmas line, but scroll a bit further down its online catalogue and you'll find some less festive but infinitely more brilliant options.

Made from "high quality fabric, similar to proper 'boring' suits", the range is designed for repeat wear rather than throwaway fancy dress, and each OppoSuit costs just £65.


1. The 'Cashanova'

Nailing that 'an ATM threw up on me' look, this design is apparently perfect for "a job interview in the City", especially if you don't want to get the job and simultaneously make everyone hate you on the journey to and from it.


2. The 'Yellow Fellow'

A yellow suit! This is the dream!

It's the suit that says 'I look like a banana, am ready for hi-jinks or slip n' slides at any time and these trousers are probably rip-away'.


3. 'The Bavarian'

When was the last time your boring ass charcoal grey work suit gave someone an epileptic fit?


4. The 'Balloonorama'

"You work in modern art I presume, is this part of an installation?"

"No, I'm just wilfully a complete idiot. Good day."


5. The 'Poker Face'

Look like a villain from the worst Batman film with this spicy little number, which should be teamed with wrap-around shades and that magic trick where you shoot flames from your sleeves.


6. The 'Purple Prince'

Show me someone who had a bad day whilst wearing a violently purple suit.


7. The 'Tulips from Amsterdam'

Look how rubbish those tulips are. They look like they were made using ClipArt (R.I.P). Cycle past Burger King as the model below is for optimum juxtaposition.