Who wore what at the event celebrating the Oscar nominees.

Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike and Reese Witherspoon were some of the guests present at yesterday's nominee luncheon.

For Oscar hopefuls, awards season is a long slog of formal events which involve lots of dressing up, posing and general exchanges of pleasantries.

This event held in the run-up to the Oscars provides an opportunity for the nominees to get together (and size each other up) in a slightly less formal setting.

With a mere 19 days to go until the eagerly anticipated event, it's also something of a dress rehearsal for the big day.

Although not strictly black tie, the luncheon held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA is still a semi-formal one.


All the guests opted for cocktail attire with white a trending colour - worn by Rosamund Pike, Reese Witherspoon and Patricia Arquette.

More unusual choices came courtesy of Emma Stone who opted for a print clash combo of striped jumper and polka dot skirt by Michael Kors.

Marion Cotillard unsurprisingly given her working relationship with the brand, opted for an embroidered multi-colour mini dress by Dior haute couture.