Red carpet dressing: Fan Bing Bing and Tilda Swinton certainly Cannes


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Fan Bing Bing

If you're going to wear a train, at least do so with conviction: there's enough fabric on display here to upholster an entire bungalow in Hendon. Perhaps for that reason Fan Bing Bing looks very proud of herself in her strapless, corseted curtain. Do you think there might be someone curled up asleep in there?

Tilda Swinton

Beautiful, golden Tilda Swinton is probably the only woman on the red-carpet circuit who dares to wear fashion as it appears on the runway. And she looks all the more brilliant for that. This is designed by her friend, Haider Ackermann. She sat next to him front row at the Chanel show at Versailles earlier this week and he's quite lovely, too.