Spas are turning into social hubs, according to expert

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Hong Kong-based Tracy Lord, director of the newly opened MiraSpa, says that in recent years, spas have developed into far more than just a beautifying oasis of calm.

While "spas have always had a high demand for couple's spa suites where couples, friends, or relatives can spend a relaxing afternoon together," Lord told Relaxnews that  "there has been a surge in guests choosing spas for girlie parties such as bridal or baby showers or hen weekends and birthdays."

In order to accommodate all of the group's needs, Lord says that a "one-stop-shop solution of integrating spa with fitness, hair, nails, cuisine or juice bars are a main part of the initial design brief when developing a new spa."

Moreover, according to the spa expert, another key trend is that the relaxation and treatment centers can become travel destinations in their own right. Says Lord: "There is a huge market for destination spas where the sole aim of travel is to have daily treatments combined with wellness elements of healthy eating and yoga," adding that  "when choosing a city hotel, the spa is definitely an area that guests now consider."

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