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Some shades of red are impossible to capture, like the fiery explosion of an African sunset, or the glint of light through a ruby ring. Red may commonly signal the presence of danger - but it's also the colour of love and life. Fashion designers, who know this well, chose this season to take it into a realm far beyond beyond simple pillar-box and scarlet. As a result, the catwalks were aflame: Antonio Berardi used smoothest kid leather to make his desirable red dress a sexy, low-gloss affair; Philip Treacy opted for the intricacy of red beading for his twinkling glass head-dress. But Balenciaga went for full-on luxury. Their top-to-toe red duchesse satin positively shone, in a subtle kind of way. Wear it, and so will you.

This page: red glass beaded headress, to order from Phillip Treacy, 69 Elizabeth Street, SW1 (enq: 0171 259 9605)

Opposite page: red duchesse satin skirt, pounds 1,114, red duchesse satin shirt, pounds 553, and satin tie, pounds 70, both by Balenciaga, available from Joseph, 77 Fulham Road, SW3 (enq: 0171 823 9500)

Above: red leather dress, pounds 930, to order from Antonio Berardi (0171 836 4265)

Right: red dress with fabric flower corsage, pounds 400, by Ghost, from a selection at 13 Hinde Street, W1, and 36 Ledbury Road W11 (enq: 0181 960 3121)