Victoria's Secret 'The Perfect Body' campaign sparks customer backlash

A petition has been started by shoppers unimpressed with a new advertising campaign.

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A Victoria's Secret advertising campaign for a new range of bras has caused customer backlash with shoppers protesting against 'The Perfect Body' slogan.

The image shows three slender models wearing the new underwear line with the caption 'The Perfect Body' placed across the centre of the image.

A petition was started on website which calls for the US lingerie company to "Apologise for, and amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range Body."

The petition argues that the advert "promotes low self-esteem among women who are made to feel that their bodies are inadequate and unattractive because they do not fit into this narrow standard of beauty."


"This endorses dangerous beliefs about women’s bodies and their value, which contributes to a culture that promotes serious health problems such as low self-esteem, negative body image and eating disorders."

Angry consumers have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at the campaign with the hashtag #iamperfect trending on social media and the petition gathering almost 3,500 signatures.


With just over a month to go until the Victoria's Secret show arrives in London attention has turned to the brand's Angels who have been sharing images of themselves on social media getting into shape for the event.


The Independent has requested comment on the campaign from Victoria's Secret and is awaiting response.