Dame Vivienne Westwood launches unisex clothing

The controversial British designer has launched a political clothing collection designed to be worn by either men or women.

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Dame Vivienne Westwood has launched a unisex clothing line for autumn/winter. The collection will feature political statements including anti-fracking illustrations and slogans.

Westwood is the British fashion designer who made her name with the modern punk movement in the 1970s.

The new unisex line adds a whole new concept to borrowing from your other-half's wardrobe.

The range was created by Westwood alongside Andreas Kronthaler and focuses on a more relaxed silhouette with wrap around jackets, knitted jumpers and baggy shorts all of which are designed to be worn by both sexes.

The clothing range will feature anti-fracking illustrations overlaying jungle print and slogans with statements such as 'What's good for the planet, is good for the economy, what's bad for the planet is bad for the economy.'

Video: Vivienne Westwood's menswear spring/summer 2015 collection

In addition knitwear in the collection will be made with natural vegetable dye created from liquorice roots.


Westwood is a well known political activist and has campaigned on a range of political issues including nuclear disarmament, climate change and more recently anti-fracking.

Last year she dedicated her spring/summer 2014 menswear collection to Bradley Manning and sent models down the runway wearing t-shirts emblazoned with his image and the words 'truth' underneath.