After a first DVD of Vogue documentary The September Issue was released a few weeks after the cinema premiere, a new DVD containing 90 minutes of unseen material will be released in the US February 23.

The original DVD release baffled some fans of the movie due to its lack of extras, but this new one will make up for it, judging from a clip on the New York Post's PopWrap blog: it shows editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley complaining about having to lunch in the car because of his tight schedule, nonchalantly mentioning that his boss, Anna Wintour wasn't against skipping lunch altogether but certainly wouldn't approve of a "lunch in car."

Talley is one of the stars of the documentary by R.J. Cutler, alongside creative director Grace Coddington, who surprised many viewers with her "waif-like, lighthearted air" (StyleList).

The new DVD, which includes director's commentary and behind-the-scenes photos in addition to the extra scenes, can be ordered via (where it ranks at #57 in the site's DVD charts) from February 23.