NYC hair stylists dish on how to keep your mane shiny this winter

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Cold weather is known to dry out strands and induce static and frizzy flyaways. Beauty and style blog Refinery29 interviewed three of New York's top stylists to come up with several tips to keep your mane healthy and shiny this winter season. Here's what you can do to prevent those effects.

Tip #1- Change up your hair routine: Clyde Elezi stylist and owner of the Drawing Room, told Refinery29 that you should vary your hair routine during the winter: "Our hair gets accustomed to daily routines, and using a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner helps, but it doesn't hurt to change things up. Plus, this time of year is notorious for static-prone hair, so when you apply hand lotion, run a little extra through your hair to add moisture, and carry a flexible, travel-sized aerosol hairspray with you for touch-ups throughout the day."

Tip #2- Avoid bad blowouts: Rodney Culter, who worked at New York Fashion Week this past fall and owns the chain of Cutler salons, says you should avoid unnecessary blowouts to prevent breakage: "Winter has just as many damaging effects as summer because of the artificial heating we experience indoors, dryness in the air, and the probability of more blow-outs. When tying your hair back, don't use hard elastics as they create breakage. And, a great tip is to shampoo every second day, which allows your hair's natural oils to sit on the cuticle of the hair. Be sure to use styling products with reparative benefits too-Redken's Nature Rescue Radiant Sea Spray (out in January) or Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray are great options."

Tip #3-Get a gloss treatment: Bumble & Bumble senior colorist Tzipi Sheinwald says that you should get a color treatment to brighten your locks and seal in moisture during the winter months: "Cold winds can cause your ends to become brittle and fade prematurely. To protect against this, work in a leave-in conditioner or a bit of a silicone styling product, like Bumble and bumble Defrizz, from mid-shaft to ends. Moisturizing in winter is important (use an intensive masque like Bumble and bumble Quenching Masque once a week), but visiting your colorist regularly for gloss treatments will also help add shine. Since glosses lay on top of the hair cuticle, they aren't damaging and help seal in moisture, with results lasting up to six weeks."