Put your winter coat back in the wardrobe and pull out a jacket for Spring

Before splashing out on new summer gear, consider investing in a spring jacket - a more practical addition to your wardrobe, come  rain or shine, writes Lee Holmes

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Whether it’s your want to follow the whims and fancies of men’s fashion or just to pay heed to the weather, it’s probably useful to know that we’re entering what is known as a transitional phase. Translated to laymen’s terms, this means that while we’re at the back end of winter we’re also teetering on the cusp of early spring, where temperatures hopefully begin to rise.


Such optimism of course comes with a caveat: that British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, and those rising temperatures can just as easily give way to gusts of wind and squally showers. So although your warm winter coat is no longer essential, you do still need a jacket that’s going to protect you from the elements. In fact what you wear on your back for spring is probably the most important item in your wardrobe right now.

Traditionalists will always opt for the trusty Macintosh or some such similar style, and it’s easy to understand why: here you’ll find  a timeless piece of kit which transcends seasons. And it works with almost anything you wear.

But if you are in the market for something that has a little more casual appeal or youthful oomph, then the collaboration between Whistles and Swedish brand Stutterheim may be your thing. This almost perfect waterproof jacket is made from rubberised cotton and marries the pared-back craftsmanship of the Scandinavians with contemporary British design. Wearing rubber has never looked so appealing.