'Conceptual fragrances' that don't smell of your usual rosebuds are becoming increasingly popular in the niche market - Comme des Garçons and Maison Martin Margiela are popular examples - and now, Thierry Mugler is trying to translate that trend into the luxe segment again, with a new scent called Womanity.

The maker of the iconic Angel and Alien perfumes had launched an eponymous web community earlier this year, designed to connect urban women and help them release their creativity through short stories, poems, or videos on what femininity means to them.

With the corresponding scent, Mugler no doubt used his own creativity to come up with a mixture that smells like "a commingling of figs and caviar, a sweet-salty combination as treacly as a chocolate-covered pretzel," as described by the New York Times.

Mugler, who five years after Alien hopes to have created another instant classic, will launch Womanity online in June, in European stores in July/August, and in the US in October. Prices will range from $58 to $98.

Note: from all contributions on the Womanity website, Mugler will choose one winner later this year, who will collaborate with the designer on the completion of the project. More information will soon be available online.