Style file: Word on the street

Whatever the message, say it loud and proud with slogans this season, says Naomi Attwood

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Slipping into a weekend uniform of a slogan T-shirt or oversized sporty top might not usually be a fashion-conscious decision, but this season you’d be bang on trend. Those who like their jersey separates with a dash of humour or even mystery (some of the best slogans are pretty cryptic) are in luck this season, as there’s plenty of apparel to allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve, or chest, or back…

A slogan, whether funny, banal or downright rude, is a shortcut to adding a touch of personality to what is otherwise a comfy, off-duty ensemble. As is so often the case, brevity is the soul of wit, and the best slogans provide a short but sweet message to those you meet along the way. For designers, printed T-shirts at entry-level prices are often the bread and butter of their business while there are plenty of choices on the high street too.

Done well, slogans can become cult items – one that only the fellow connoisseur can appreciate - shorthand to the initiated before the masses get the joke. The way parody T-shirts by the likes of Brian Lichtenberg have gone from daring to dated is a warning on the short life span of such items; fine as long as you like your fashion flippant. Definitely to be avoided though, are the sartorial version of a mug with “you don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” on.

Continuing the Sesame Street vibe, alongside alphabetic designs are those of a numerical bent, as per all things varsity and athletic. This trend is perhaps more “sports collage” than sports-luxe though, as motifs such as player numbers or team insignias are married with floral prints or more abstract designs and rendered in primary colours and pastels.