Watch: Rihanna's fragrance commercial

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Pop singer Rihanna's first fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, is launching this month - watch the palindromic ad.

Showing the star in some sort of dreamland, the video starts out with Rihanna frolicking in a pink flower field on the "good side" before things turn darker and she gets seduced by a mysterious stranger. A text overlay reads "Bad feels so good, good feels so bad," playing on the two-faced nature of the Reb'l Fleur scent.

An unexpectedly artistic twist is that the ad is palindromic, meaning that it is reversed and played back from the middle of the video. Fans are already raving about the ad in the comment section on YouTube, with some claiming that "RiRi deserves an Oscar for this."

The fragrance's name was inspired by the "Rebelle Fleur" tattoo that Rihanna got recently, even though it was scorned for its French grammar (some said it should be "fleur rebelle," translating into "rebellious flower," but Rihanna has since defended the wording).

Rihanna's latest music video for "S&M" caused controversy for allegedly plagiarizing ideas of photographers David LaChapelle and Philip Paulus, so she could use a positive promotional boost.

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