Weekly beauty tutorials: all about the eyes

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This week's beauty video tutorials focus on your pretty peepers from tips on how to apply dramatic liquid eyeliner to how to update the smoky eye look with sultry navy blue eyeshow. Get ready to wink and play!

Liquid Eyeliner

Learn how to get an enviable cat eye look that will dramatically open your eyes with this animated step-by-step video tutorial by San Francisco-based Benefit Cosmetics. The video uses Benefit's Magic Ink black liquid eyeliner to create both a casual day look and sensual night look.

Navy Blue Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes usually involve dark plums, dark grey and black eyeshadow. Give your look an updated, modern feel by switching to a navy blue palette. JulieG713, one of the most popular makeup gurus on YouTube, shows you how to accomplish the look using Urban Decay eyeshadow and some serious liner.

Powerful Eyebrows

Frame your pretty eyes with strong, fierce brows. MAC Senior Artist Gina shows you how to find your arch, the point where it should peak and lift the eye. Watch her work a pencil to create a power brow that takes charge.


Shimmery Party Peepers

Trendy UK fast fashion retailer Topshop shows you how to create a shimmering, after-hours look with Topshop's Midnight Glitter Crayon and dark eyeliner. A look that party girl Kate Moss would surely covet!


Arabic-inspired Eyes

This is a dramatic look that mimics the sultry eyes Middle Eastern women are famed for. Marlena, better known as Makeup Geek on YouTube, shows you how to layer shimmery gold eyeshadow atop dark eyeshadow to make the colors pop. This look is bold - color from the lashline up to the brow - a surefire way to get noticed.