Weekly beauty tutorials: master the basics

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This week's beauty videos emphasize the basics when it comes to makeup application. Learn how to properly shape and define your brows, apply eyeliner, contour your cheekbones and fool others into thinking you're not wearing any makeup (even if you are).

Shape Impeccable Brows

Makeup artist Julia of YouTube beauty channel MissChievous shows you how to find and create the perfect arch, fill in sparse brows and set stray brow hairs into place by using clear gel in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Master Eyeliner

YouTube beauty guru and Lancome video spokesperson Michelle Phan deviates from her usual narrated tutorials in this video which uses drawings to illustrate the right way to apply the three types of eyeliner: cream, gel and pencil.

Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Shed pounds off your face by learning how to cleverly contour your cheekbones and nose using only concealer and powder. Marlena of YouTube beauty channel Makeup Geek TV shows you how.


Perfect Nude Lips

Celebrity beauty artist and YouTube vlogger Kandee Johnson shows you how to achieve a sexy nude pout as seen on Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Learn to nullify the natural redness in your lips by dabbing concealer and flesh-toned powder onto them before applying your nude-colored lipstick or gloss.

Fake it: Look like you're not wearing makeup

Mastering the no-makeup look is much harder than you think. In this Sephora beauty tutorial, New York makeup artist Tyron Machhausen walks you through how to achieve sparkling eyes, glowing skin and a full pout while tricking everyone into thinking you're wearing barely any makeup (even though you are).