Weekly Facebook fashion index: most popular retail brands of the moment

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Victoria's Secret snagged first place for clothing brands getting the most attention on social networking site Facebook, while fast fashion retailers Zara and H&M ranked second and third respectively. Kohls, a low-priced US-based retail chain which recently announced that it is to open 21 new stores in the country, ranked fourth in popularity among Facebook users. No high-fashion label managed to land a spot in the top ten.

Here are this week's most popular retail brands on Facebook, according to Stylophane's Retail Index:

1) Victoria's Secret (7,805,137 fans)
2) Zara (5,605,347 fans)
3) H&M (4,141,572 fans)
4) Kohls (2,803,886 fans)
5) Forever 21 (2,444,977 fans)
6) Abercrombie and Fitch (2,238,331 fans)
7) Hollister (2,085,183 fans)
8) American Eagle (1,953,605 fans)
9) Aeropostale (1,615,457 fans)
10) Hot Topic (1,321,284 fans)

Data collected on October 12.