From 'skater heads' to 'sneaker freaks,' sporty enthusiasts' fashion becomes more than just clothing, and labels are worn religiously. But which sportswear brand is the most popular on Facebook?

A good look at the Stylophane Facebook Fashion Index reveals: following the 'classics' (Adidas, Nike, Puma, in descending order), it is mainly skate- and snowboard as well as surfer brands that get fans' pulses racing - "QUIKSILVER IS LIFE!!!" is just one example of the raving comments community members leave on the brands' Facebook profiles.

It is also striking how all of these brands have a broader following than prominent luxe labels including Yves Saint Laurent (284,012 fans) or Dior (187,904).

Here are this week's most-followed sportswear labels and their growth rates:

1) Adidas (+11%, 2,680,585 fans)
2) Nike (+5.5%, 2,009,930 fans)
3) Puma (+3.52%, 1,467,640 fans)
4) Lacoste (+4.83%, 1,300,917 fans)
5) Abercrombie and Fitch (new, 945,341 fans)
6) Hollister Co. (new, 489,411 fans)
7) Roxy (+8.46%, 394,461 fans)
8) Volcom (+7.52%, 393,055 fans)
9) Billabong (+5.64%, 291,825 fans)
8) Quiksilver (+6.25%, 289,079 fans)

Divided into four categories (Platinum: more than 100,000 fans, Gold: 10,000 - 100,000, Silver: 1,000 - 10,000, Bronze: 10 - 1,000), Stylophane's rankings are updated daily (and expressed in graphs), and new brands can be added upon request.