Weekly fashion indicators: easy, breezy...leather?

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Leather has always been perceived as a fall/winter staple, but labels such as Céline have reinterpreted the material for spring/summer, producing leather t-shirts, skirts, and shorts in lighter colors, e.g., camel, or pairing black basics with breezier fabrics, such as linen.

Polyvore users have got wind of this improbable but appealing trend, pairing leather leggings with flowy tops for spring, or leather skirts with t-shirts for summer.

Apart from that, wedding season is inspiring many collages on the styling site, with users going to specialized jewelry sites such as tacori.com for inspiration. Jewelers Max and Chloé as well as Dannijo are also still popular. Other interesting finds in the Top Sites category include conceptual store thecorner.com, which features a great men's selection, and refinery29shops.com, a successful model of fashion blogs translating their personal style preferences into their own shopping sites.

In celebrities, Gossip Girl's queen bee, Leighton Meester has ousted longtime number one, Audrey Hepburn, and her colleagues, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen, join her in the top four, while new favorite, actress Miranda Cosgrove, continues her climb.

Top Brands
1. Proenza Schouler (no change)
2. Givenchy (+4)
3. Alexander McQueen (+1)
4. Balenciaga (+4)
5. Dsquared2 (+4)
6. Valentino (-3)
7. Chloé (-5)
8. 3.1 Phillip Lim (re-entry)
9. Dannijo (+1)
10. Christian Louboutin (-5)

Top Sites
1. tacori.com (new)
2. dsquared2.com (+1)
3. maxandchloe.com (+7)
4. thecorner.com (new)
5. forzieri.com (-4)
6. farfetch.com (re-entry)
7. karenmillen.com (+2)
8. refinery29shops.com (new)
9. matthewwilliamson.com (re-entry)
10. theoutnet.com (-6)

Top Celebrities
1. Leighton Meester (+1)
2. Audrey Hepburn (-1)
3. Blake Lively (+3)
4. Taylor Momsen (no change)
5. Lady Gaga (-2)
6. Miranda Cosgrove (+4)
7. Emma Watson (+1)
8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (-1)
9. Kristen Stewart (no change)
10. Jessica Stam (-4)

Top Trends
1. high waisted skirts (re-entry)
2. oxford pumps (re-entry)
3. floral skirts (re-entry)
4. acid wash jeans (new)
5. mini skirts (re-entry)
6. high top sneakers (re-entry)
7. cocktail rings (re-entry)
8. ballet flats (re-entry)
9. leather leggings (new)
10. leather skirts (new)

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives five million individual visits a month.