Weekly fashion indicators: girls who like boys

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Men's fashion week trends including harem pants, jeggings (yes, there were jeggings for guys), and denim vests have impacted on Polyvore users' preferences this week.

Speaking of denim: its comeback is now official, with four of the site's top ten trends being about the material, be it vests, shorts, tie-dye pants, or said jeggings (short for jeans leggings).

The fact that leather gloves are ranking among users' favorite items in July indicates a further step towards the end of seasonal dressing, which has been heralded by fashion critics before (prompted by shorts and t-shirts made from leather - usually a winter staple - at Céline).

In brands, Rebecca Minkoff - last week's new entry - has made it to the top, while Ray Ban's sunglasses are back for summer. New jewelry labels, Kenneth Jay Lane and Rosantica are mingling with fashion heavyweights including Miu Miu, Prada, and Chloé.

Top Brands
1. Rebecca Minkoff (+1)
2. Miu Miu (+1)
3. Ray-Ban (re-entry)
4. Prada (+2)
5. Alexander Wang (no change)
6. Balenciaga (re-entry)
7. Kenneth Jay Lane (new)
8. Rosantica (new)
9. Chloé (-8)
10. Valentino (re-entry)

Top Sites
1. styledrops.com (no change)
2. maxandchloe.com (no change)
3. greenwichjewelers.com (+1)
4. alexisbittar.com (+1)
5. tarinatarantino.com (re-entry)
6. calypso-celle.com (no change)
7. settygallery.com (new)
8. lagarconne.com (re-entry)
9 charmandchain.com (new)
10. farfetch.com (-3)

Top Celebrities
1. Audrey Hepburn (+1)
2. Kristen Stewart (-1)
3. Emma Watson (+1)
4. Lady Gaga (-1)
5. Leighton Meester (no change)
6. Ashley Greene (no change)
7. Taylor Momsen (no change)
8. Rihanna (re-entry)
9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (-1)
10. Blake Lively (-1)

Top Trends
1. harem pants (re-entry)
2. fingerless gloves (re-entry)
3. jean jackets (re-entry)
4. jeggings (new)
5. tie-dye denim (new)
6. maxi dresses (re-entry)
7. denim shorts (re-entry)
8. slouchy t-shirts (re-entry)
9. leather gloves (new)
10. denim vests (re-entry)

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives five million individual visits a month.