Fashion brands are wild about weddings right now (just like every year come spring), and J.Crew's new bridal range as well as Vera Wang's announcement to collaborate with David's Bridal in the US are recent examples of that trend. However, bridal ranges in Western countries tend to look similar for obvious reasons. How are other cultures dressing up for the big day?

Indian: The highlights of a Punjabi Muslim wedding filmed in London showcase the typical highly ornamented outfits seen at Indian weddings.

For a spectacular Sikh wedding - think henna tattoos, face jewelry, and saris - follow the link below.

Chinese: Rich silks in black, red, and gold, capes, hats, and towering hair make up the look of this traditional Chinese wedding.

Arabic: Veils, tiaras, and opulence at this Lebanese ceremony featuring the wedding singer Gisele Bomentre.

German/Tanzanian: Cultural differences between the two families are beautifully demonstrated in this family video shot in Tanzania that shows the African side in colorful patterns and the German part in 1970s-inspired Western fashion.

Nigerian: A more traditional African wedding - including giant headscarves and characteristic tribal fashion - can be watched below.

Balinesian: Floral textiles, lots of gold, and crown-like headpieces - welcome to Bali!

US: The now almost world-famous JK Wedding Entrance has to be one of the most stylish wedding videos of all time.