"There's an angelic lady who I have seen twice now for aromatherapy at the HIV clinic I go to, though the last time I saw her it was a bit rushed and we spent just over an hour together; the first session was about two and a half hours. She provides aromatherapy for free. This lady is particularly good with people who have HIV. She uses only original oils, which are expensive. She chatted - it's very important to talk to the person you're seeking treatment from, so they know what your lifestyle involves - and gave me information on what I could use at home.

She did my back, front, arms, legs and feet. The best thing to do is shut up and just accept the treatment. But last time I just couldn't stop talking about different ideas, such as the vaporiser I am using at home to cleanse the air.

I got into aromatherapy thanks to my sister. It helps me to cope with the drugs I have to take. I put lavender - for sleeping - on my pillow and use bergamot to relax. I put oils in the bath each morning.

Oils work on many levels. It's not just the smell. They are absorbed into your body. It has a calming effect. I know it's not a cure, but it can only help you feel better.

My partner, Wolfgang, and I have had another very nice lady round to the house. It cost about pounds 35 for 90 minutes. And, oh, I drink lots of water afterwards - it's part of the cleansing process."

Interview by Nick Walker