A survey by 'Top Sante' health magazine revealed that women choose Cindy Crawford and Mel Gibson as role models. But why?.


The survey found that...

Men get a better deal in life.

"I think I'm simply fortunate in the fact that I have a really good woman," says Mel. "She's probably put in more work than I have."

Few men help equally with housework.

When Mel lost his five Oscars, did he search for them? Or did he do that male trick of saying things are lost without even looking? "I wrapped them up in bags some shoes came in and put them in a suitcase. Perhaps they're still in there."

Few believed that their husband was a new man.

Mel adheres to the creationist theory: no birth control, no abortion, celibacy, the delineated role of women and the abomination of homosexuality. "My wife keeps the joint together," says Mel. "Making all the decisions and organising everything for us. I often think of myself as the oldest child!"

Result: A new man? No chance.


Women want more sex.

Cindy bemoans the lack of men in her life. "I am a single women, so I go out on dates." A tabloid "scoop" of letters she had written to Richard Gere, complained that while she was a "down-to-earth woman", Gere was so absorbed in Buddhism and himself that he paid her no attention.

Women say their life is all work, little play and even less passion.

Cindy has been working for 10 years, and makes $10m a year. She says: "In a way, what I do alienates me from normal life."

Women are depressed about their looks.

Cindy describes herself as "the girl next door who happens to be sexy".

A lot of women wear make-up daily.

"The less make-up you wear, the less chance you have of messing it up."

Women are worried about their health.

Cindy claims she is now "slowing down" and "re-establishing my priorities".

Result: Too good to be true