Kama Sutra (18) Film Four, rental, 24 Nov When Maya (Indira Varma) seduces her sister's husband-to-be, she is forced to flee her home and take refuge in a sex school run by ex-royal courtesan Rasa Devi. Maya turns out to have a talent for the courtesan business so allows Rasa to show her some gymnastic sexual positions and ship her off to court. Bereft of any sensuality, this ludicrous tale lends the Kama Sutra about as much mystique as a fumble behind the bike sheds, whilst doing little for Indian women. HH

Love Jones (15) Entertainment, rental, 24 Nov

It is an outrageously rare treat to observe black people doing pleasant, middle-class things in films - like drinking with friends and taking their mothers out to lunch. There is no stabbing, no shooting and no shooting- up in Theodore Witcher's fresh romantic comedy. Instead it follows the on-off relationship of photographer Nina (Nia Long) and struggling writer Darius (Larenz Tate) with intermittent intrusion from Nina's ex-fiance Marvin (Khalil Kane). A fresh, lively exploration of love and infidelity. HHHHH

Margaret's Museum (15) Fox, rental, 24 Nov

Mort Ransen's bleak drama, set against the backdrop of a mining tragedy in Nova Scotia, offers a vaguely feminist position on life in a small 1940s community. Helena Bonham-Carter reveals her sturdy side as she plays a feisty young woman with a difficult, bagpipe-playing husband and Kate Nelligan puts on a splendid performance as the disconsolate mother-in- law. HHHH

Love and Other Catastrophes (15), Fox, rental, 24 Nov A crumbling relationship, a severe library fine, an unfinished thesis and a girl's quest for the perfect man form this well-intentioned Australian flick set in a university campus. Since the budget barely exceeded that of a student grant, it can be considered a success with its likeable characters, smart lines and light-heartedness. HHHH