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The Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon (E) Game, pounds 14.99 (right)

Put off by the threat of a huge tax bill, it seems the Stones will not be playing here after all. Little comfort maybe, but here you can catch them opening the tour in Chicago. HHHH

Prime Suspect 3 (18) VCI, pounds 12.99 BAFTA award-winner Helen Mirren takes time out from her naff career in advertising to play the not-to-be-messed- with DCI Tenison in the third series of Lynda La Plante's gritty crime thriller. Expect the usual measure of ball-breaking. HHHH

Due South (15) Vision, pounds 12.99 Bafflingly hailed as a TV sex symbol, Paul Gross returns as the clumsy and clearly repressed Mountie, Constable Benton Fraser. Here he is assigned as a bodyguard to his friend Ray's ex-wife, a situation which inevitably ends in catastrophe. HHH

Crash (15) C4, pounds 12.99 In a bizarre exhibition of tastelessness, the makers of Black Box have produced a Best Of... assortment of car accidents in the style of David Cronenberg's second-rate fetish flick. Needless to say, it begins with Diana. H