Five ways to make a hen party unforgettable


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When it comes to organising a hen night, it is really down to the hen’s personal taste. Some will opt for a girly night on the town with a cheeky stripper, whereas others prefer something a little more unique like a cocktail class or photo shoot. Whatever your dream hen party is, here are our five tips on how to make it an unforgettable event.

Design your own t-shirts

Whether you are going out in the evening, or have planned a whole day jam packed full of activities, wearing specially designed personalised t-shirts can add a fun and unique touch. Many printing companies offer a service that allows you to choose your own designs, including colour, pictures and text. Often bridal parties will have their ‘roles’ printed onto the back of the t-shirts, for example ‘Maid of Honour’ or if you have nicknames it may be fun to have these printed on your tops.

Fancy dress themes

Often hen parties are planned with a particular theme in mind, for example you may choose to dress up as the Pink Ladies from Grease, or characters from one of your other favourite films. Dressing up is always amusing on nights out and certainly attracts a lot of attention! You never know, it may get you a free drink or two if the bar staff know you are on a hen night!

Bride-to-be gifts

Creating thoughtful and personal gifts for the bride to be, can add a lovely touch to an unforgettable day. You could create a special book featuring little inserts written by each member of the bridal party. It may also be nice to include photos of the bride and all of her friends, from her school years, to the present day, leaving a space for the photos you take that night. Another idea is to get each member of the bridal party to write a few words, or even an amusing poem about the bride, which can be read aloud once you have had a cocktail or two.

Unique activities

If you are looking to spend the whole day with your hens, rather than just the evening, you may want to consider planning an activity or attending a class. Many companies offer classes like cocktail making, or cupcake decorating, which can be fun to do as a group. Another great hen party event is an organised photo shoot. Get your girls dressed up and in front of the camera for a series of silly photos, that will make the perfect keep-sake, to look back on in years to come.

Hen party games

Hen party games will certainly provide entertainment and ensure an unforgettable night, even after a few glasses of wine! There are a number of games you can play including quizzes where the bride-to-be must answer questions about her future husband, as well traditional drinking games such as ‘I have never.’ If you have quite a large hen party it may also be amusing to split up into teams and play ‘Mould a man.’ Each team is given a piece of modelling clay and a card with a body part written on it. They must then make the body part using the piece of clay and attach it all together at the end. As well as providing a few giggles, this game will leave you with a great keep-sake for the bride-to-be, in the form of a model man, created by her best friends!