Food And Drink: Good taste Rock's organic cordials and squashes

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"I've never done any market research. We're fortunate because we get wonderful feedback from consumers who write and tell us how delighted they are," says Hugh Rock, the man behind Rock's Organic Cordials. "Initially, I was making country wines, but over the past 15 years I realised the demand for cordials accounted for about two-thirds of our business."

So now the Soil-Association-approved company concentrates on manufacturing additive- and preservative-free squashes and cordials. "I always felt that good quality only cost a few pence more," says Rock. "Manufacturers these days are so hard-pressed to make money, it's nice to able able to run a firm making fruit drinks just like the way you would at home." Rock's cordials come in elderflower, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, ginger and orange, plus two new flavours, tropical fruits and tangerine, being launched this month. The intensely flavoured squashes are available in orange, lemon and lime. Citrus fruits are sourced from organic farms in Spain, Corsica, with the elderflower and blackcurrants coming from Britain. Rock's methods are traditional, but as he says, "You can't really read recipes up in text books, I've invented most of our methods through trail and error." Aoife O'Riordain

Rock's organic cordials and squashes are available from Sainsbury's (squashes only), independent health food shops, farm shops and delicatessens. For stockists, call 0118 934 2344.