2010 is a very 'good' year: Fledgling, ONEHOPE, Cleavage Creek, Mad Housewife

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'Tis the season to savor the vintage of wines for "doing good." Here is a list of select wines to try that are promoting and supporting good causes ranging from fighting breast cancer and autism to deforestation and poverty.

On October 21, American Airlines (AA) launched its "Season of Giving" and announced that ONEHOPE wines, a line of charity-driven wines produced by Robert Mondavi Jr., will be served on domestic and transatlantic flights.

While in flight on AA, you can sip Chardonnay and support breast cancer in October, drink Red Zinfandel and support US troops in November, and in December, enjoy Sauvignon Blanc pours to support the planet through tree-planting initiatives.

Here is a list of wines to try that are doing good:

Fledgling, an initiative of Twitter, Crushpad and Room to Read) supports Room to Read's efforts to promote literacy and education in the poorest areas across Asia and Africa. A bottle of Fledgling 2009 Pinot Noir or Fledgling 2009 Chardonnay costs $25/€18 and $5/€3.56 goes to the non-profit.

Humanitas gives 15 percent of your wine purchase to combat hunger and support affordable housing and education via Feeding America and Habitat for Humanity.
Humanitas 2007 Paso Robles Sauvignon Blanc ($14/€10)
Humanitas 2007 'Oak Free' Monterey County Chardonnay (18/€13)
Humanitas 2007 El Dorado County Cabernet Sauvignon ($20/€14)
Humanitas 2006 'Sugarloaf Mountain' Napa Merlot ($40/€29)
Humanitas 'Gap's Crown' 2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ($40/€29)
Humanitas 2005 'Caldwell Vineyards' Napa Cabernet Sauvignon ($60/€43)
Humanitas 2006 'Signum' Napa Meritage ($75/€54)

Little Black Dress wines are available in Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Merlot. Proceeds from the company's celebrity wine auctions go to empower women and support international children's programs via Dress for Success and the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation. Each bottle is $12.99/€9 and produced by LBD Vineyards in Hopland, California.

Mad Housewife Wines promises to support breast cancer research and prevention with every case sold of their White Zinfandel. They also have a "Charitable Event Mail-in Rebate Program" that includes all of their wines (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and White Zinfandel). A bottle costs between $5.99-11.99/€4-9.

Cleavage Creek Cellars also supports breast cancer research helping to fund the Integrative Oncology Research Center in the US as well as breast cancer survivors. Each bottle highlights the personal experience of a woman's triumphant battle. Bottles range from $18-50/€13-36 and 10 percent of all proceeds before profit go to the fight.

Paul Newman's Own Wine, as with the other popular edibles by Newman's Own such as cookies, popcorn and dressings, 100 percent of all after-tax profits and royalties go to fund charities, and since 1982, contributions in excess of $280 million (€200 million) have been given worldwide. The wine is available in Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon for $15-18/€11-13 a bottle.

Charity Wines works with celebrity athletes to bottle a wine and pair it with the star's good cause. To date their site claims they have donated over $1.6 million (€1.14 million) to charities.

Also here are the 2009 ONEHOPE wines and specific campaigns: Cabernet Sauvignon (Autism), California Chardonnay (Breast cancer), California Merlot (AIDS), California Sauvignon Blanc (Planet), California Zinfandel (Troops) and Arroyo Seco Reserve Pinot Noir (Children's Hospitals). A bottle costs $18.99/€14 and 50 percent of the profit goes to the respective cause.

To see AA's complete wine list, go to: http://www.aa.com/wine.