Ever wonder the back-story of how a drink got its name? BourbonBlog.com is giving you the opportunity to create your own by naming its October aperitif creation. Here are the details plus various bottles of ginger brandy to taste and mix.

The no-name drink features the award-winning Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur ($30/€21), a blend of "fine eau de vie, VSOP and XO Grande Champagne Cognacs, fresh Tahitian vanilla beans, Provencal honey and Tunisian ginseng" infused with French Indochine baby ginger.

Here is the recipe:

1.25 oz. Campari
1 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
½ oz Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters
Soda, to fill
Lemon twist, to garnish

Some names on the list so far include: Curious George, Autumn Equinox, Serial Killer, Canton Clipper and Lady Marmalade. If you think you can do better, submit your idea at: http://www.bourbonblog.com/blog/2010/10/03/the-aperitif-with-no-name/

Additionally, here are some ginger-infused liqueurs to taste:
 - GE Massenez Crème de Gingebre (AU$54/€38)
 - Mohawk Extra Sharp Ginger Brandy ($16/€11)
 - The King's Ginger Liqueur (£23/€26)
 - Tambourine Mountain Distillery Ginger Liqueur (AU$47/€33)
 - Loft Spicy Ginger Cello Organic Liqueur ($33/€24)
 - Dekuper Ginger flavored brandy ($13/€9)
 - Mr. Boston Ginger flavored brandy ($20/€14)
 - Giffard Ginger of the Indies Liqueur (£20/€23)
 - Homer's Ginger Cordial (N/A)

And, gingery cocktails with names to try:
 - The Orient Express: http://cocktails.about.com/od/cocktailrecipes/r/orient_express.htm
 - Ginger Snap: http://www.ehow.com/how_4615176_christmas-cocktails-ginger-snap.html
 - 50+ cocktails: http://www.barnonedrinks.com/drinks/by_ingredient/d/domaine-de-canton-ginger-liqueur-3451.html and http://www.barnonedrinks.com/drinks/by_ingredient/l/loft-spicy-ginger-liqueur-9234.html