And the new ‘Dew’ is...

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After a close race,, the Mountain Dew campaign site, announced on June 15 that the new 'Dew' beverage will be White Out (combined with citrus).

DEWmocracy began in 2007, encouraging Dew fans to create a new flavor for fans - since then the public has voted on everything from colors, names, packaging and flavors.

The makers of Mountain Dew have followed the successful trend that has led to various Ben & Jerry's ice cream favors and blue M&M chocolate candies.

After a rigorous online voting competition "The Flavor Campaign" ended with a close race between Typhoon (tropical punch infused) with 40 percent of the votes and White Out (combined with citrus) collecting 44 percent, with Distortion (blasted with lime) way behind at 16 percent.

The votes were tallied state-by-state with support from 726,803 Mountain Dew Facebook fans and 19,010 Mountain Dew Twitter followers.

If you are disappointed with the new flavor, for a limited time (until sold out) you can still purchase Typhoon and Distortion. Plus the original 'Dew' that ranked fourth in soft drink sales in the US when the DEWmocracry first began in 2007 (behind Coke, Pepsi and Diet Coke) remains on the market.

White Out is available for purchase internationally. sells a can for £1.47 (€1.77).

The social marketing effort continues to encourage fans to promote the new flavor with downloadable icons, wallpapers, banners and much more.