The Angry Birds franchise, a popular mobile video game that has gained a cult following, is coming out with a cookbook that will revolve around egg recipes.

The Finnish company Rovio announced their publication plans at the Open Mobile Summit in London this week, reports

Though details were scarce about the cookbook, it's understood the recipes will center around the game's prized possessions: eggs.

In the game, players fire hot-tempered, furious, wingless fowl with slingshots into their porcine enemies, green pigs who have stolen their eggs - hence their wingless, feathered rage.

A new cookbook is just one part of the company's grandiose expansion plans to make Angry Birds a major brand and franchise around the world, Rovio chief Peter Vesterbacka told the London crowd.

Already they've sold more than three million plush toys and 30 million T-shirts and hatched a plan with 20th Century Fox to team up with the makers of the animated movie Rio. In ten days following the release of the crossover Angry Birds Rio in March , the game was downloaded ten million times around the world.

Meanwhile, the book will be self-published, targeted towards families and distributed by online retailers like Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble in both book and e-book form, says Mashable.

The game itself, meanwhile, just hit the 200 million download mark.