Someone's invented a custom wine glass contoured to your face to help tasting experience

It’s what every wine lover has been waiting for

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Wine lovers rejoice because someone has finally invented a wine glass that means you can breathe while drinking.

It’s what every wine lover has been waiting for.

Now, fitting your nose into a glass might not seem like a big deal but, as most wine connoisseurs will know, both smell and flavour are key to getting the most out of your plonk.

So how does it work?

The Wine Mask Glass is designed sinisterly similar to a gas mask so that the rim fits over your nose and, on either side, there are small air holes, or ‘venturi nozzles’, to help you breathe.    

The glass is designed with small air holes to help you breath (Image: Wine Glass Mask)

This way you get the full hit of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers unlike regular wine glasses which are round. 

“As you breathe in, you notice an intensified aroma because none of your experience is lost,” explains industrial designer and inventor James Piatt.

The glasses look sinisterly similar to a gas mask (Image: Wine Glass Mask)

“As red wine breathes, wine molecules combine with nitrogen and oxygen in the air. The venturi nozzles on the front of the Wine Glass Mask reduce the flow of oxygen and nitrogen and increase their velocity entering the wine aroma mixing chamber as you breathe in.

“The added air speed lifts more wine vapours off the surface enriching the aroma and flavour.”

The glasses, which are made by pressing glass, have been measured using a range of faces to achieve a more-or-less universal fit and James guarantees that “your wine drinking experience will never be the same.”

Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, The Wine Mask Glass needs to raise £62,000 to start production and, if successful, they will be sold for around £20 each.