David Beckham shows off his culinary chops on Facebook

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It seems that David Beckham is taking the notion of "soccer dad" to a whole new level.

Weeks after the birth of his new daughter Harper Seven Beckham, the dad four times over posted a Facebook photo of himself cooking up a risotto storm.

"A little something I made earlier...a home-made Risotto for the family," he wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday.

In recent years, the LA Galaxy player has shown a keen interest in the culinary world, forging a friendship with fiery Scotsman and foul-tempered TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

Last year, while in Milan for a game, Beckham even signed up for an Italian cookery class, perhaps in a bid for self-preservation as wife Victoria has admitted that she can't cook.

In a 2007 reality show documenting her move to the US, Coming to America, the former Spice Girl displayed her dismal cooking skills and lack of interest in a segment where she attempted to bake a pie for her new Beverly Hills neighbors.

Meanwhile, Beckham is rumored to add restaurateur to his list of titles that currently includes soccer player, father, husband and underwear model. The British press reports he'll be parlaying his culinary passions into a new partnership with pal Ramsay in a restaurant chain Pie and Mash that will offer English-style fare in London and Los Angeles.

To watch wife Victoria watch her assistant bake a pie, visit http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1746475/victoria_beckham_cooking/.