Why not pig-out with one of these scrumptious pork pies?

Walter Smith - £2.79 (400g)

A combination of free-range pork belly and tender shoulder gives the filling a contrasting coarse and soft texture, all encased in a crisp and wonderfully glazed pastry exterior.

www.waltersmith.co.uk; 0121-212 2442

Dickinson & Morris - £2.84 (454g)

This pie's thick layer of aspic divided opinion among tasters, but its peppery meat filling proved popular. Its makers claim to be the last authentic pie-makers in Melton Mowbray.

www.porkpie.co.uk; 01664 482 068

Fortnum and Mason - £19 (1.3kg)

Topped with juicy pickled onions and packed with chunks of Lincolnshire poacher cheese, this monster is by far the most decadent of pork pies.

www.fortnumandmason.com; 0845 300 1707

Marks & Spencer - £1.99 (four pack; 300g)

These bite-sized, Melton Mowbray pork pies are crammed with top quality cuts of coarsely chopped, outdoor-bred British pork.

www.marksandspencer.com; 0845 609 0200

Bray's Cottage - £2.50 (170g)

Only prime cuts of meat from the pigs of one Norfolk farm help create this delicious onion-marmalade and pork pie. Added bacon and sage gives an almost festive taste.

www.perfectpie.co.uk; 01263 860 944

Elite Meat - £3.30 (450g)

The pork in this award-winning pie is only sourced from Yorkshire farms, and blended with sage, black pepper and nutmeg as awell as a closely guarded secret ingredient.

www.elite-meat.co.uk; 01423 883 194

Burbush's of Penrith - £4.05 (450g)

Caramelised gooseberry might not seem like a natural pork-pie topping, but it contrasts well with the savoury pastry and tender meat. One taster warned of a "spicy afterbite".

www.burbushs.co.uk; 01768 863841

Forman & Field - £6.50 (450g)

The slight grey tinge to the meat in Mrs King's pies may be off-putting, but it is because the filling is made fromquality fresh meat, not cured.

www.formanandfield.com; 020-8525 2352

Michael Kirk - £2.59 (450g)

A generously packed pie, from Wolverhampton, which was rated highly by our tasters for its moist and tender meat. Its creators will even personalise your pie with a message.

www.porkiepies.com; 01902 425 064

Waitrose - £2.39 (450g)

This Walker's fluted pork pie is packed with flavour and coated in a golden crust. Baked in a bespoke oven, it certainly ranks highly among the supermarket offerings.

www.waitrose.com; 0800 188 884