Israeli chefs go for grilled chicken innards record

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Israeli chefs on Monday attempted to create a new world record for the largest ever "Jerusalem mix," a local specialty of grilled meats.

They should have no trouble getting their concoction of 200 kilogrammes (440 pounds) of mostly chicken innards recognised by the Guinness book of records - no one has ever attempted it before.

"It's the most Jerusalem of dishes, a mixture of all the peoples and cultures, a mixture of peace and unity," said organizer Noam Shaked.

The dish, "meurav yerushalmi" or Jerusalem mix, is a local favourite, made by grilling a mixture of chicken pieces, chicken livers, hearts and kidneys with thinly sliced onions and topped with spices.

A group of nine chefs gathered at Jerusalem's main market to create the dish, slathering the huge pile of meat onto a giant pita bread surrounded by bunches of parsley.

"We are trying to make a Guinness World Record," said Shaked. "We are the first but we have made the amount needed to be considered for a Guinness record."

A lawyer was on hand to verify the amounts, he said.