'Made in China' label to extend to wine

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The wine world continues to focus on China as the largest growing wine market and on August 4, Greek varietals took root in the Gansu province of China with German varietals to follow.

According to influential wine source Decanter.com, Kir-Yianni (a Greek winery) and Mogao (China's government-owned and publicly traded winery) have just planted the first Xinomavro vines in the Gansu province of China.

Kir-Yianni follows in the footsteps of Chateau Lafite that in 2009 brought vines to the Shandong province to create by 2011 the world's first "Chinese Grand Cru Bordeaux."

This collaboration marks "China's first planting of a Greek grape, and the only Xinomavro for commercial purposes anywhere other than Greece." Xinomavro is defined by Kir-Yanni as "the world's rarest noble red grapes originating from Northwestern Greece."

Kir-Yianni's Mihalis Boutaris said, "the pilot vineyard will increase from 4ha next spring to 150ha over the next few years."

The International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR) estimates the Chinese are expected to be drinking more than a billion bottles of wine annually by 2011.

Since these Greek and German varietals 'made in China' won't be bottled for a number of years, you may want to check out wines being showcased at the Hong Kong Food Expo taking place August 12-16, for more information, go to: http:// www.hktdc.com/hkfoodexpo.