Magic cake: How to make the simple three-layer dessert

 Magic Cake is taking the internet by storm - yet again

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A three-layer dessert known as the Magic Cake is taking the internet by storm.

It is appealing due to its incredible simplicity – it needs one bowl and no odd ingredients or weird techniques.

To make it, you use the basic ingredients used for a normal cake; eggs, water, flour, sugar, milk, and butter.

But by baking the loose batter at a lower temperature, two layers are created: a thick, fudge-like base layer, and a custard centre.

Whipped egg whites are added to the batter last which create a textured topping.

Variations of the cake have been circulating on the internet for years now, but from time to time the dessert gets a random resurgence.


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After various peaks over the past five years, the number of Google searches for magic cake soared dramatically last month – presumably as the autumn weather arrived and people wanted warming comfort food.

It could be down to its visual appeal, because while it looks high-effort, it involves very little elbow grease.

Baking bloggers have put their own twist onto the simple recipe, tweaking their own with chocolate, pumpkin spice, peanut butter, lemon, and gingerbread.

Others have experimented with butterscotch, eggnog, matcha powder and rhubarb for some interesting concoctions.


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A basic recipe sees four eggs separated, and the whites whisked until stiff.

In a separate bowl, the egg yolks are beaten with sugar, water and vanilla until light.

Melted butter is then added , plus flour, milk and the beaten egg whites.

Optical illusion cake

Cooking temperatures and times vary, but a finished magic cake typically takes around one hour.

Before eating, it needs to cool in the pan for at least three hours.