Male version of 'Eat, Pray, Love' travels the food world in 60 seconds

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A 60-second video that features foods from 11 different countries in a fast-moving, visually stimulating montage of stews, pasta, pizza, curries, candy apples, cheeseburgers and insects is making the rounds on the internet.

Created for an Australian travel agency that targets the young, backpacking crowd, filmmaker Rick Merecki takes viewers on a fast-forward culinary trek that spans 11 countries and 44 days in one-minute video The Huffington Post described as the man's version of Eat, Pray, Love.

The "Eat" video is part of a trio of shorts - Move, Learn, and Eat.

The six-week journey follows actor Andrew Lees tucking into sumptuous looking foods like paella, blood sausage, chili dogs, popcorn-covered candy apple, crème brulée, mussels, tongue and Thai curry with complete abandon, against the stunning backdrop of each country.

Since being uploaded on Friday, the video on YouTube has received almost 28,000 hits and is being talked about on YouTube and Vimeo.

STA Travel Australia sent the trio of filmmakers around the world in 44 days, 18 flights, 61,155 km to create the promotional videos.

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