'This is how clever Satan is.'

Today in reading way too far into symbols, words and motifs, a woman argues that Monster energy drink has concealed Satanic imagery and is an example of "how clever the Devil is".

It is not clear exactly where in the US the video was taken, but it has racked up over two million views in just 24 hours.

"Look at the 'M' closely, there's a gap right here in the letter, it's never connected," the woman is seen telling passers-by.

"So you go to Hebrew", she adds, though I'm not sure why exactly. "The letter Vav is also the number 6 - you could have here, in Hebrew, 666.

"But my interest is the word Monster, what do you see in the O? There's a cross. What has Christ got to do with an energy drink?"

What indeed.

The lady also takes issue with the large-sized can being called 'BFC' (Big F*cking Can) and suggests that the 'unleash the beast' slogan ties in with beastly descriptions of the Devil in the Bible.

"Something  to think about" she concludes. "This is how clever Satan is."

But wait, arbitrarily draw lines from the three scratches of the logo and you get…


...Triangles! Is this the first collaboration between Satan and the Illuminati?!