Most popular cooking videos this week: Charlie Sheen cooks up a storm

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This week's roundup of most viewed cooking videos includes the tiger blood sorcery of Charlie Sheen and a double helping of Foodwishes vlogger Chef John for a quick crab bisque recipe and grilled pickles. A choppy video for Asian, green onion crepes and a basic recipe for moussaka round out the top five viewed videos on YouTube for the past week.

In descending order:

Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

Topping this week's YouTube cooking videos is the omnipresent Charlie Sheen, whose Funny or Die video, "Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes," continues to rake in the views more than two weeks after first airing.  Wearing a tiger-striped chef's hat, a fast-talking, chain-smoking, and yes, knife-wielding Sheen hosts his own cooking show. In three and a half minutes, Sheen is allowed to riff poetic about dinosaur fossils, tears of jaguars, and his carnivorous - but not anti-Semitic - tiger blood. In the end, a raw slab of meat littered with cigarette butts is magically transformed into an edible-looking steak dinner. (52,269 views)

Quick Crab Bisque Recipe

Foodwishes brings us another tomato-soup-based recipe for a quick, elegant bisque that uses a few clever shortcuts. Though the recipe calls for pre-made tomato soup, food vlogger Chef John emphasizes the importance of using a high-quality, organic, premium tomato soup for the base. Seasonings like Old Bay and a generous sprinkle of cayenne pepper give depth to this otherwise quick-cook soup. Lump crab and a frothy cream finish off the hearty soup. (21,180 views).

Pickled Grilled Pickles

In this Foodwishes vlog, Chef John puts cucumbers on the barbecue before brining the vegetables, a strange but oddly appetizing idea. The key is to use a charcoal grill, not a gas-fired barbecue, as the aim is to impart a smoky flavor to the vegetables. The brine is a simple mixture of water, salt, vinegar, dill, pepper flakes and garlic which is poured over the grilled cucumbers and red peppers. (14,266)

How to Make Chinese Green Onion and & Egg Pancake

In this video, Kungpaohottie makes Chinese-style savory crepes with a basic batter recipe. The editing is a bit choppy and the lack of close-ups to the food is a bit frustrating for the viewer. Nor does she give measurements for the recipe. Nonetheless, it's a quick cook lesson on how to turn a pancake batter into a savory snack with the addition of chopped green onions. (10,421)

How to Make Moussaka

One question Aussie Nickos: Where's the seasoning? While making a rudimentary recipe for Greek favorite moussaka, food vlogger Nickos adds no seasoning other than a skimpy shake of nutmeg in the roué that tops the casserole. No mention of salt or pepper. While the end product looks appetizing, the rather basic recipe of tomatoes, onions, ground beef and eggplant lacks a bit of imagination. The host also refers to viewers as 'guys' a little too much. Regardless, the video still managed to attract 8,700 views.

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