New foods in food news: organic licorice and gold food spray

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Four new food products were introduced the week ending March 31 including all-natural licorice, a spray to gild each and every bite, plus a new ‘magic jug' that can smartly identify fresh and sour milk.

Natural Vines
The makers of Red Vines, the American Licorice Co., have developed an all-natural premium version. Natural Vines will be available in black licorice and red strawberry flavors beginning in May. The candy will be made with 100% organic ingredients and contain zero preservatives and no artificial flavoring. An 8oz (226g) bag costs $3.49 (€2.22) and can be purchased online at

German brand mavens at the, a unique food label, have added Esslack to their product line that includes Oil Change, Honey Tube, Powerful Vodka Grape Battery and Multi Noodles. Each product has an industrial package feel. Esslack, a gold or silver edible spray paint, can turn the dullest of dishes into sparkly, indulgent bites and make for interesting dinner party discussions. The product is currently sold-out; a can previously sold for €19.80, but the Deli-Garage should have updates soon with a most-likely lower price: 

Magic milk jug
Cravendale, a major producer of milk in the United Kingdom, has helped to create a smartjug with a sensor that measures the PH acidity and alerts the milk drinker via an LCD screen message whether it is "fresh" or "sour." The product also includes an alarm and is perhaps more reliable than your nose.

L'OR espresso capsules
L'OR Maison du Café drinkers can now enjoy the same quality coffee in a new way with the espresso capsules compatible with Nespresso machines thanks to innovators at Sara Lee, a leading international food and beverage company. The capsules are available in four flavors ranging from mild to strong: Delizioso, Decaffeinato, Splendente and Forza. Initially L'OR is to be released in France on April 7 and worldwide at an unspecified date. A box of 10 capsules is priced at €2.99.