That Bacon Double Cheeseburger smell, in your living room!

It often feels like you're never further than 0.2 miles from a Burger King at any time in the UK, but in case that's just too far for you to walk hungover in your pants on a Sunday you can now get Whoppers delivered to your door.

The chain is trialling the service in Romford, Truro, Hornchurch, Skegness, Hull, Northampton, Hayes, and Gants Hill, with a view to taking it nationwide.

I thought the whole point of going to a BK was so you could pig out without having to have that unmistakable Bacon Double Cheeseburger smell bed down in your home but whatever, people are very excited.

Delivery pics have begun rolling in:

And the delivery guys even have Burger King moped jackets, cute!


You can put in your postcode on the dedicated Burger King Delivery site now to find out if they're catering to your area yet, you utter monster.