Don't waste bread: Clean an oil painting with it


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Half of the world's food is wasted and bread is high on the list, with 32 per cent ending up in the bin. Just because it's stale doesn't mean it's inedible. Aside from the obvious breadcrumbs and croutons, try making Tuscan bread soup or bruschetta. Or else...

* Bread can be handy for tricky cleaning tasks. Dust oil paintings with a slice and use the crusts to clean the slats on blinds.

* White bread can remove dirty fingerprints from painted walls and wallpaper.

* Hold a slice between your teeth when chopping onions to stop your eyes watering.

* Make modelling clay by mixing breadcrumbs with PVA glue.

* Remove a corn or callus by taping on a piece of vinegar-soaked bread overnight.

Or you could just feed the ducks.