A combination suggested for the Lays 'do us a flavor' competition / imgur

Not everyone took the crisp competition seriously, as these entries show

The makers behind Lay’s Potato Chips have decided to crowdsource their next flavour of crisps in an attempt to garner an innovative combination, with some interesting (and at times disgusting) results.

Some of the slightly more unusual suggestions came after internet users responded to the crisp makers' revival of their ‘do us a flavor' campaign asking people to suggest a new combination.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some people took the competition a tad less seriously than others, and Twitter has been flooded with #dousaflavor updates.

Some of the stranger creations included toothpaste and orange juice, 'regret', 'the blood of my enemies', ‘3.4 air and the rest is crushed’ and ‘kettle cooked excessive debt’. One user even decided the savoury snack could make the perfect dessert, and chose strawberries and cream as their entry.


Respondents are being offered the chance to win $1million (£614,590) if their combination is chosen as a new official flavour.

To enter your own submission, visit www.dousaflavor.com